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Hi all,
       I am packing up and leaving DA. I have been a member for 5 years and have seen the community grow like crazy ! Sadly though it has lost a lot of charm that I joined for initially ! The art quality is going down and I dont see enough art that excites me. It seems there are more nude women photography than anything else and I think I have had enough of that !

I have also done a lot of photography and specialized in Panoramas. A lot of folks have liked my panoramas but I never got a daily deviation. This is NOT the reason I am leaving but it is like a pin prick in my mind.  I feel a little less appreciated in this place :( And to think I paid for the account for 5 years !

DA is becoming very commercial and I dont like that. The website also is becoming cumbersome and is not very user friendly - To delete all my deviations I had to to go do that individually. I have to do the same for my favorites too but that is too much of a pain, considering I have 6000 favorites ! I still cant close my account after doing all this ! These small small things over the years have added up. At first I let go of these things as DA was a small organization in those days. As the years have gone by I expected more from them but got lesser :(

There are a lot of other things like this and I am at a point where I'd rather not deal with it...I hope there is a better community somewhere that is more user friendly and less commercial.

...And that is why I am leaving...  

P.S.> My subscription runs out in May. I will be a silent spectator till then. Please don't feel bad if I have removed you from my friends list - nothing personal - just cleaning up before I leave !


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